Is exercise the key to a better work/life balance?

How are the New Year’s resolutions going now that we’re ten days into 2014? Studies have shown that January 10th is the day when most of us ditch the resolutions and slip back into bad habits – so if you’re willpower is feeling particularly low tomorrow, you’ll know why.

If you vowed to do more exercise this year though, there could be more than one reason to keep on keeping on with the fitness regime, as not only could it be the key to long term health, it could also help to keep your work/life balance in check.

But how can doing something that takes even more time out of your home and work life possibly be conducive to a better balancing act? Apparently, there are two major reasons…

Stress relief

An increased workload often means increased stress, and although some work better under stress, there comes a point when it is counterproductive.

Stress-relief is one of the major benefits of exercise and so taking regular exercise could help to iron out any excess tension and help increase productivity.

Self assurance

Getting through a heavy work out, or doing a particularly difficult run, can do wonders for your self assurance both in and out of the exercise environment – so if you feel like a person who can get things done in the gym or on the track, this will translate to your work and home life. Or so the theory goes.

What are your ways of maintaining a good work/life balance? As usual, let us know in the comments section or on Twitter, @ConfCallUK, using the hashtag #worklife


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