Is exercise the key to a better work/life balance?

The coronavirus crisis has seen more of us working from home than ever before. And while this is usually seen as a positive for work/life balance, lockdown restrictions have meant it can seem more oppressive than ever – few of us like the daily commute, but for some it might now seem like a welcome respite from the routine of wake up, work, sleep.

The good news is that local lockdown restrictions aren’t (yet) as strict as those we saw earlier in the year- gyms are still open and trips to public  spaces are still very much encouraged, even if the weather suggest otherwise.

Exercise is not only could it be the key to long term health, it could also help to keep your work/life balance in check.  Even if you can’t escape the shackles of your workspace, it doesn’t mean you can’t limber up.

How to exercise at your desk


How can exercise help?

You might be wondering how something that takes even more time out of your home and work life can possibly be conducive to a better balancing act. Apparently, there are two major reasons…

Stress relief

An increased workload often means increased stress, and although some work better under stress, there comes a point when it is counterproductive.

Stress-relief is one of the major benefits of exercise and so taking regular exercise could help to iron out any excess tension and help increase productivity.

Self assurance

Getting through a heavy work out, or doing a particularly difficult run, can do wonders for your self assurance both in and out of the exercise environment – so if you feel like a person who can get things done in the gym or on the track, this will translate to your work and home life. Or so the theory goes.

What are your ways of maintaining a good work/life balance? As usual, let us know in the comments section or on Twitter, @ConfCallUK, using the hashtag #worklife


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