How does your small business use social media?

Is your small business using social media effectively? Is your small business using social media at all?

Yesterday we took a look at the importance of having a website and the influence this can have on the growth of a small business, and today we’re going to get to grips with how small businesses in the UK are using social media.

Social business

Insurance firm Hiscox took the views of the owners,  partners and senior decision-makers of 350 UK SMEs with 1 – 249 employees, to find out just how they were using social media.

The results showed that over half (57%) use social media to support their marketing strategy – Facebook came out on top with 19% of businesses getting their message out over the world’s most popular network.

This infographic gives you the whole picture…


How to use social media marketing for small business

And this video gives some useful insights into how and why your small business should be using social media marketing.

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