How to record a conference call for free

“The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men/Gang aft agley” so wrote Robert Burns in 1785 – and it’s a verse that has stood the test of time, as no matter how through your plans, things can still go awry.

And although using to set up a conference call for up to 100 participants could hardly be easier, there’s always the possibility not everything will go to plan and some people might miss the call.

Even setting a free SMS reminder isn’t fail-safe.

And while we can’t guarantee not everyone will be able to make the conference call, we can guarantee that no-one need miss a word thanks to our free conference call recording facility.

You can now record your conference calls to distribute to those that couldn’t attend or even just for archiving purposes – all free of charge and without the need for any extra equipment.

Here’s how…

How to record your conference call

Recording your conference call really couldn’t be any easier, simply…


…and that’s it, call recorded.

Once the call is finished, you’ll receive a notification email containing a link to  download your recording as an MP-3 file on your computer.

And if you’re worried about security, your conference call recording will be downloaded securely over an HTTPS/SSL connection and will be automatically deleted from our server after seven days.

How to share your recording

In order to share the recording, simply forward the notification email with the download link.

Or you can download your recording and publish it online or on your intranet.

And you can record separate parts of the call by simply starting and stopping recording at the relevant intervals. You’ll then receive each recording separately in your email.


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