How to conference call El Salvador

El Salvador is a tiny country that borders Guatemala and Honduras and is the only Central American nation that doesn’t have an Atlantic coastline.

As far as exports go, offshore assembly products, coffee, sugar, shrimp, textiles and chemicals are the biggest hitters, while raw materials, consumer and capital goods, fuel, food, petroleum and electricity are the order of the day as far as imports go.

It’s recently become the first country to adopt Bitcoin as a legal currency, so bear that in mind if you’re trading there.

So if you’re thinking of doing business in El Salvador you’ll need a cost and time effective conference call provider – so here’s how to set up a call in a few simple steps…

How to set up a conference call between the UK and El Salvador

Visit to get your free PIN before clicking on ‘Invite Participants’ to generate an email template into which you enter the time, date and subject of the proposed conference call.

Choose UK and El Salvador dial-in codes, click ‘Copy this invitation’ and paste it into an email before sending it to up to 100 participants.

Dial-in numbers to call

At the allotted time colleagues should dial the following numbers and enter your PIN:

  • UK participants dial 0843 373 0843 (landline)+44 843 373 0999 (when overseas) 83000 (mobile)
  • El Salvador participants dial  +44 843 373 0999 (from landlines) or +44 843 373 0999 (from mobiles)

Your conference call is ready to begin!

What’s the best time to call El Salvador from the UK?

clockSan Salvador is around 5,500 miles from London and flight times are around 13-and-a-half hours hours – a bit far for a business lunch.

And El Salvador is eight hours behind GMT (seven in summertime), so it’s probably best to make your business calls in the afternoon or early evening to fit in with local business times.

Where is El Salvador?

The smallest country in Central America, El Salvador has a Pacific coastline to the east and is bordered by Guatemala to the west and Honduras to the north and east. It is also the only Central American nation without an Atlantic coastline.

What’s the FCO advice on travelling to El Salvdor?

If you’re travelling to El Salvador, check the latest travel advice where Covid-19 restrictions are concerned and be prepared for plans to change at the last minute.

El Salvador has one of the highest crime rates in Latin America so you should take extra care. Take particular care in downtown San Salvador and on roads outside major towns and cities, especially at night. Avoid wearing expensive jewellery or displaying valuable items. Safeguard your passport, mobile phone and cash against pickpockets.

Take care when travelling alone. It may be safer to travel with others or take part in a tour with a reputable company. The same applies to walking on remote trails, where there have been reports of opportunistic attacks on tourists walking alone

If possible keep your valuables including your passport in a safe and carry a photocopy of your passport for identification.

UK health authorities have classified El Salvador as having a risk of Zika virus transmission. For more information and advice, visit the website of the National Travel Health Network and Centre website. Typhoid and hepatitis A are also present. You should avoid bathing in or drinking from any rivers. See Health