How to conference call Canada

The UK is Canada’s second biggest world trading partner – after the US – but quite where this relationship is headed after Brexit is uncertain. The European Union (EU) and Canada recently signed an that would benefit UK businesses and the economy by as much as £1.3 billion a year, but the UK won’t be benefiting from that should it leave the EU.

Even so, the latest estimates suggest that UK exports to Canada may increase by 29% (£2.3 billion) while Canadian exports to the UK could increase by 15%, so it’s not all bad.

And if you are doing business out there, or considering it, you’ll need a cost-effective and reliable conference call provider. Especially now that current Covid-19 restrictions mean that travel is not permitted between the UK and Canada.

Here’s how to conference call Canada in just a few simple steps…

How to set up a conference call between the UK and Canada

Go to to get your free PIN and then click on ‘Invite Participants’ to generate an email template.

Enter the time, date and subject of the proposed conference call, choose UK and Canada dial-in codes,  then click ‘Copy this invitation’, paste it into an email and to up to 100 participants.

Dial-in numbers to call

At the allotted time colleagues should dial the following numbers and enter your PIN:

  • UK participants dial 033 3006 7775 (landline) +44 33 3006 7775 (when overseas)  83000 (mobile)
  • Canada participants dial 1-647-503-4016 (from landlines) or +44 843 373 0999(UK mobile from abroad)

Your conference call is ready to begin!


What’s the best time to call Canada from the UK?

Toronto lies 3,500 miles from London (believe it or not, it’s actually more southerly), and direct flights from London take around seven-and-a-half hours.

And so vast is Canada, it has no fewer than six time zones – so setting up a conference call could be a bit of a logistical nightmare!

The thing to remember is that Canada is BEHIND the UK, and the difference can be anything between eight and five hours behind.

Do you need to dial the worldwide dial-in number from the UK?

No, the UK participants can simply dial the UK dial-in number or the mobile shortcode when they are in the UK, and our system will automatically match your participants by your PIN.

Where is Canada?

Located in North America, Canada is the world’s second largest nation with a land mass of 9,984,670 square kilometers. It borders USA to the south and to the north west, via the state of Alaska to the northwest. It has coastlines along the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Beaufort Sea and Labrador Sea.

What’s the latest FCO advice on travelling to Canada?

If you’re travelling to Canada, check the latest travel advice where Covid-19 restrictions are concerned and be prepared for plans to change at the last minute.

More than three-quarters of a million UK citizens visit Canada for business and pleasure without encountering any trouble, but you should always be vigilant of crime and the weather when travelling there.

Anyone travelling to Canada by air must now get an electronic travel authorisation (eTA) to be able to board your flight and be allowed into the country. For more information about the eTA system, and to apply online, visit the official Canadian government website.

If you’re travelling in winter, be aware that severe snow storms regularly hit all parts of the country at this time of year. Before travelling anywhere in Canada, you should check local news and weather reports and visit Environment Canada.

Crime rates aren’t especially high in Canada, but you should always be vigilant and take sensible precautions to protect yourself from petty crime. This includes not leaving any bags or luggage unattended, including in cars, and keeping valuables, including your passport, in a hotel safe. Thieves in Canada will often target hotel rooms, so it’s worth leaving copies of important documents with family and friends in the UK and consider carrying a photocopy of your passport for ID.

If you need the police, call 911 or 0 and ask the operator to connect you. There is no charge for emergency calls placed from a public pay phone. If you lose your passport, contact the British High Commission or Consulate immediately.

If you’re driving in Canada, it’s worth knowing that you can drive a car there using a full UK driving licence, but individual car hire companies may require you to have an International Driving Permit. Always check your car hire company’s requirements before you travel and arrange full insurance. If driving, you should also carry your licence with you at all times.

For more information, visit GOV.UK

Image by jorono from Pixabay