How to set up a mobile conference call

With call charges coming in at just 12.5p per minute (ex VAT), with no surcharges, using is now the cheapest way for anyone in the UK to set up a conference call via a mobile phone.

And here’s how it can be done in just a few simple steps…

Setting up the conference call

Visit and simply enter your email address to generate your free PIN number – no need to register, no extra fees to pay and no contract to sign – and then click on either of the tabs marked ‘Invite UK participants’ or ‘Invite international participants’ to open up an email template in your default email program.

Once this template has opened, enter the [DATE], [TIME] and [SUBJECT] of the conference call and send it to everyone you require to take part in the conference.

To set up a conference call via mobile phones, you and any other participants should use the unique UK mobile dial in code which is 83000.

A free SMS reminder can be sent to each participant’s mobile or smartphone (UK numbers only) 15 minutes before the conference is due to start. To activate this service, click here.

Making the conference call

When all the participants have received the email, they can then join the conference at the allotted date and time by dialling the number in the email and entering the designated PIN code.

At12.5p per minute (ex VAT – and with no contract or minimum usage terms – really is the cheapest and easiest way to make a mobile conference call.

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