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Liechtenstein is a haven for UK-based tax dodgers – although HMRC is working hard to put a stop to the practice via a tax disclosure ‘opportunity’ that enables anyone who confesses to hiding money in the tax haven will only have to pay 10% of the tax owed.

In addition to the 10% penalty though, people will still have to pay tax, plus interest, going back as far as the last 10 years, so the final tax bill could still be hefty even though the 10% penalty limit sounds generous.

Since the scheme began more than 2,400 people have come forward to pay an extra £363 million in tax and penalties.

And HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) expects this figure to rise to £3bn by 2016, significantly more than the £1bn initially expected.

UK authorities estimate around 5,000 UK taxpayers have had money hidden in Liechtenstein – going back generations, in some cases – and co-operation between the UK and Liechtenstein authorities has now been strengthened by the signing, for the first time, of a formal double-taxation agreement between the two counties.

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The World Cup kicks off in Brazil this evening as the host nation take on Croatia in Sao Paulo – so this edition of Around the World is dancing to the samba beat in a Brazil World Cup Special.

And if you want to keep in touch with friends, colleagues, clients or fellow football fans forth duration of the tournament, you can use ConferenceCall.co.uk to speak to up to 50 other people at once, using the local rate Brazilian dial-in number 21-39561452.

Now read on to fill your head with enough World Cup trivia to make sure your picked first for every pub quiz team for at least the next four weeks…

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