Month: October 2018

A conference call is a great way to hold a meeting when not everyone can be in the same place at once, but calls don’t always go without a hitch – if you don’t properly prepare for the call in advance, it can soon descend into a series of awkward silences and participants talking over one another.

So, to help make sure each conference call you hold is completely fuss-free, follow our simple, step-by-step guide.

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Around the world, we spend a combined 7.5 billion hours online every day, which adds up to 856,164 years spent browsing – that’s long enough to travel from Earth to Mars and back again.

1,426 times!

So, how exactly are we spending so much time connected to the internet? And are we wasting too much time online?

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Automation is a divisive subject – while automated technology should help make our lives easier and more comfortable, there’s a very real threat it will lead to millions of jobs.

Earlier this year, a report from PwC, the UK-based multinational professional services network, estimated that up to 30% of jobs could be lost to automation over the next decade, while the Bank of England has put a figure of 15 million on the expected number of jobs that could be taken over by machines.

So, how safe is your job?

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A report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has found that global warming is a more pressing problem than previously thought – while nations across the planet are working to keep warming down to no more than 2°C, we all need to be working to a 1.5°C limit.

And the worst news is that we only have 12 years to make a serious dent in our global carbon emissions, else we seriously risk Earth warming up by 3°C, which would be catastrophic.

So, we all need to do our bit to help reduce carbon emissions, and remote working is a great place to start.

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