Five Business Hacks Every Business Traveller Should Know

Whether you are embarking on your first business trip or coming close to your 100th, corporate travel can be challenging. From packing smart to swapping air miles for upgrades, we have all of the tips you need to improve your journey. Follow these five clever business hacks and be prepared for anything.

Pack Smart  

As a business traveller, you must be prepared for every eventuality, but this doesn’t mean you need to over pack. The more belongings you take, the more at risk you become of hefty excess luggage charges and extra baggage will only slow you down and make your trip more stressful. Packing smart can save you time and money, so challenge every item on your packing list. Is it essential? Lastly, pack lighter and swap your hold suitcase for hand luggage and save precious minutes at the luggage carousel.

On-The-Go Charging Accessories for Your Tech

When travelling for business, your phone is the most important piece of tech when it comes to keeping on top of business related tasks. Your phone may be your only connection to emails, skype meetings, conference calls and GPS, but constantly using your phone to find your way around a new city or using the internet to stay connected can drain your battery and you may find that you’re running low before you know it. Keep a mobile phone charger on your person at all times and pack a mobile charging device so you always have a back up power source.

Keep Your Contacts Close  

Preparation and organisation is key when you travel for business purposes and carrying a folder containing a detailed itinerary can ensure you are where you need to be, when you need to be. As well as a timeline of your day, include a document containing all of the contact details for hotels, colleagues and transfer companies and keep it in a place that you have easy access to at all times. By doing this, you have a clear set of tasks to complete and you have all of the important information and are able to review it and check it at a moment’s notice. Make this process simpler by downloading your airline’s App. By doing this you can minimise the paperwork you carry on your person by downloading your boarding passes to your mobile phone. 

Focus on Fuel

Business travel may involve long haul fights, traveling during unsociable hours and taking multiple forms of transport to get to your destination. Fuelling your journey with nutritious food and staying hydrated should be a high priority and will help you to arrive at your destination feeling fresh. Business travel can be exhausting and it is tempting to reach for convenience food which isn’t always the healthiest option. Stock up on healthy snacks and refuel regularly to fight off the effects of jet lag when you are working on a different time zone.

Make Business Travel Work for You

Most hotels and airlines reward business travellers for their loyalty and these rewards can often transpire into free nights in a luxury hotel or an upgrade at the check in desk. By using the same airline when you book a business trip or making repeat reservations with the same hotel, it can provide you with a whole host of benefits and make your journey more comfortable and luxurious. Make sure you are eligible for these exclusive benefits by signing up to a reward scheme and watch as your air miles accumulate and those rewards stack up.

Corporate travel can be stressful and tiring, but it doesn’t have to be. Use our five business travel hacks to simplify your journey and increase comfort and productivity simultaneously.

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