How to invite participants to a conference call

Updated Monday, February 8, 2016

If you’re in business, you’ll need to make sure all lines of communication are open, both internally and externally – if not, you could miss a crucial business call or find your staff are unable to communicate effectively, especially if they work from home or across various sites.

And if this sounds like your business, you’ll need a reliable and cost-effective conference call provider – so here’s how to set up a teleconference for up to 100 participants, using nothing more than a landline or a mobile telephone.

Inviting callers from the UK

The easiest way to make a conference call is to log on to and click on the ‘invite participants‘ tab to go to a page giving you the option send email invitations to participants from the UK or overseas.

If you choose the UK callers option the screen will be as below and you just have to fill in the date, time and subject of the proposed call before copying the invitation and sending to up to 100 participants.

invite UK

Inviting callers from overseas

Inviting callers from outside the UK will bring up the screen below and, again, you’ll have to fill in the time, date and subject fields and be aware this email template also includes all the dial-in codes, so simply delete any you don’t need before copying the template and emailing it to up to 100 participants.


invite nonuk

And once you’ve sent out the email invitations, check out how you can send participants a free SMS reminder to make sure no one misses the call.

Post originally published August 23, 2013

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