How to set up a conference call to Colombia

‘There are more than 100 UK business operating out of Colombia, including giants like Virgin, BT, and Shell. The South American nation is ranked as the 34th easiest country to do business in by the World Bank, but ranks first in the Caribbean and Latin America.

The UK has the fifth largest export market in Latin America, and a new business can be set up there in as little as 11 days.

The trouble is, Bogota, the capital of Colombia, is over 5,000 miles away from the UK, which means commuting is out of the question if you’re doing business there. And so you’ll need a low-cost and value-for-money international conference call provider.

And a conference call can be set up in a few simple steps, here’s how…

How to set up a Conference Call between the UK and Colombia

Visit and pick up your free PIN before clicking on the ‘Invite Participants’ tab, which will generate an email template. You then need to enter the time, date and subject of the conference call and then select the relevant dial-in codes for UK and Colombia.

You then simply need to copy the invitation, paste it into an email and send it to up to 100 participants.

Dial-in numbers to call

At the allotted time participants dial the following numbers and enter your PIN:

– UK participants dial 0843 0 250 250
– Colombia participants dial (57-1)5086941

Your conference call can now begin.

Where is Colombia?

Situated in located in northwestern South America, Colombia has coastlines along Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, and is bordered by Venezuela and Brazil to the east, Peru and Ecuador to the south, and Panama to the west.

What’s the best time to call Colombia from the UK

clockBogota is over 5,000 miles from the UK and the local time is five hours behind GMT – so probably best to leave your business calls until after lunch.


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