How to set up a conference call to Luxembourg

Luxembourg City lies around 350 miles from London, and so commuting won’t always be an option – in which case a teleconference, or conference call, will do the trick – and here’s how to quickly and easily set up a conference call between UK and Luxembourg, using nothing more than a mobile or landline.

How to set up a conference call between the UK and Luxembourg

Visit to instantly get your free PIN and then click on the ‘Invite Participants’ tab to generate an email template. Enter the time, date and subject of the conference call, before picking UK and Luxembourg dial-in codes and hitting the button marked ‘Copy this invitation’.

Then paste it into an email before sending to up to 100 participants, and you’re good to go.

Dial-in numbers to call

At the allotted time participants dial the following numbers and enter your PIN:

– UK participants dial  0843 373 0843
– Luxembourg participants dial 900-23005

Your conference call can now begin!

Where is Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is land-locked country in Western Europe that developed around its capital city of the same name, and is bordered by France, Germany, and Belgium.

What’s the best time to call Luxembourg from the UK?

clockLuxembourg is just an hour ahead of the UK so keep this in mind when making business calls.

Have you ever done business in Luxembourg? We’d love you to share your experiences and share any hints and tip with us…

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