Will Brexit really be a disaster for exports?

Global trade, and the UK’s ability to dictate its own terms to countries around the world, has become one of the potential positives of the Brexit campaign – once the UK leaves the EU it can, in theory, negotiate its own terms with every country it does business with.

The trouble is, if the UK doesn’t get a favourable deal with the EU, then this could affect trade with those countries right on its doorstep – but would that necessarily be such a bad thing? Or are we overplaying the importance of doing trade with our nearest neighbours?

The story of UK exports

The UK exported around £550 billion of goods and services to countries around the world in 2016, which suggests the export market is in a healthy state. But it might surprise you to learn just where the majority of those exports ended up – the UK exported more to non-EU countries like the US, China, UAE and Switzerland, than to those nearer-neighbours like Germany, France and the Netherlands.

This infographic from World First’s World Account has the full story…

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Do you think Brexit will be a disaster for UK trade? Or will it finally offer the freedom to shape our own trade deals? Let us know in the comments section below.