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Brexit jargon-buster – from A to I is here

It’s been 119 weeks since we published the following paragraph, and Russian interference in the UK is still in the news and no deals of any note have been struck with the EU…

Brexit news seems to have been put on hold as the government deals with claims that its most senior officials may have jumped the gun in blaming Russia for the Salisbury poison attack, after UK experts claimed they can’t yet prove that the novichock nerve agent used actually came from Russia.

But Brexit is pushing on in the background, and it’s now just 51 weeks until the UK is set to leave the EU – so here is our second and final installment of our Brexit jargon-buster.

And it’s now been 31 weeks since the UK left the EU – we’re more than halfway through our transition period and still no clearer on what will happen come December 31 this year.

To help try and make sense of it all, here’s part two of our Brexit jargon-buster.

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Panic over the coronavirus pandemic seems to be subsiding a little (whether that’s a good or bad thing is another conversation entirely), but just as business owners are licking their wounds following the impact of lockdown, so the next potential threat to business appears on the horizon – Brexit.

Regardless of whether you voted ‘leave’ or ‘remain’ back in 2016, it’s hard to disagree that the whole thing has been handled pretty badly from day one – so much so that the UK is now in the position where it will be leaving the EU on December 31 this year (when the 12-month transition period ends) and we’re still none the wiser about what exactly is going to happen.

It seems no trade deals have been agreed and everyone is still arguing in Brussels.

So we thought it was about time we updated our Brexit jargon-buster – here goes…

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It’s been almost 18 months since we originally asked: Brexit – what’s next? Unfortunately, 18 months on, we’re still none the wiser.

Amazingly, the UK has actually left the EU – that happened on January 31, this year – and we’re now halfway through an 11-month transition period. But what does that mean? And what happens next?

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Ford has become the latest company to announce it will be closing one of its UK plants – in 2020, the car giant will be closing of its Bridgend plant after 40 years in service. This comes on the back of Honda’s decision to bail out of the UK, and countless other companies who are considering their position in the UK.

But are businesses really leaving the UK because of Brexit?

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There’s less than a wee until the self-imposed March 29, 2019 deadline rolls around and the UK leaves the EU, and it’s looking more and more like no deal will be agreed – worrying times for businesses and individuals alike, especially as (once you’ve cut through through the jargon and the jingoistic bluster) no one seems to be offering up any alternatives or even one tangible positive outcome.

Our Brexit timeline has all the important dates coming up over the next six months, as we count down to, what now appears to be, our inevitable departure.

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