The trouble with cats and working from home

Although it has offers many benefits – not least the total abandonment of the daily commute and not having to personally interact with any annoying colleagues – working from home can get lonely.

And while you can keep in touch with those colleagues you do like via conference call or video conference, it’s not quite the same as personal interaction.

So if you find yourself holding up the supermarket queue as you indulge the cashier in a (most likely unwanted) stop-and-chat, it’s probably time you did something about your work from home set-up.

Like get a pet, for instance…

Beating the work from home blues

The are numerous ways to beat the work from home blues, many of which we’ve already touched upon in these very pages, but if you’re really feeling lonely, the best option could be to get yourself a pet.

Take care when choosing your pet though – a fish is low-maintenance but won’t make great company, a dog will probably spend most of the day battling for your attention, while a cat, well a cat just does as it pleases and will only bother you when it wants feeding, won’t it?

What could go wrong..?

If you still need convincing a work from home pet is the way to go, read Got the working from home blues? An office pet could be the answer

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