Got the working home alone blues? An office pet could be the answer

If you regularly work from home you’ll appreciate that sometimes things can get a little lonely and combating that feeling of isolation can be a real challenge – once you’ve waved everyone on their way, the house can quickly become eerily and disconcertingly quiet.

Putting the radio on can help but there’s still that sense of separation from the rest of the working world, even if you regularly keep in touch with colleagues over the phone or via video call.

So if you suffer some form of work from home blues, an office pet could be the answer. Not convinced? Read on…

Let your pet guide your daily routine

Structuring the day is another problem many people have when working from home, but if you have a pet that instinctively knows when it’s time for a walk, or time to get fed, this can instantly add some structure to your day.

So, if you’ve a dog that’s hanging around the door with leash in its mouth at 8am every morning, take this opportunity to get up and ready for work, replace the half hour drive to work with a half hour dog walk and when you get back you’ll be good to get on with the day job.

Likewise, if you’ve another pet patrolling the house while you’re working, taking five or ten minutes out to play with them can break up your day and clear your mind.

Of course, there is a flip side to this – a dog that constantly craves attention or a cat that won’t keep quiet unless its eating can prove to be a massive distraction, but in the main pets can be great company and have that amazing ability to make you feel loved even if it seems the rest of the world is against you.

And that’s something you really can’t put a price on when you’re having a bad day!

Consider your clients

If you have clients or colleagues round to your home as part of your working week, then this is something that needs to be considered if you’re keeping pets around the house – no one is going to want to sit on a couch that’s covered in dog hairs and risk leaving with their suit looking the same.

Similarly, although you might love the way your dog jumps all over you when it sees you or how the cat comes and sits on your lap, it’s unlikely any colleagues or clients will feel the same, particularly if any of them have an allergy or a simple aversion to animals.

So, if you do have a four-legged co-worker at home, make sure they’re kept out of the way when bringing colleagues or clients into the house and, if possible, keep a room completely pet-free for this very purpose.

Over to you, do you have a pet to keep you company during the stay-at-home nine-to-five? If so, let us know how it works for you…

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