What’s Britain’s best business name?

If you’ve ever started up your own business, you’ll appreciate that one of the toughest decisions you have to make is what to call your new venture. A business name has to work in a number of ways – it has to be something that reflects your brand identity, says something about what you offer, and sets your business apart from the competition.

And getting this just right isn’t easy, especially when you consider there are 5.4 million SMEs currently trading in the UK, so the chances are that someone in your industry has already thought of the name you had in mind.

Vistaprint, the personalised business cards manufacturer, recently conducted a survey to see what makes a memorable business name – here’s what it found…

What’s in a business name?

Although your business needs a name that reflects what it does, and if you’re a tradesman or a freelancer, it’s often a good idea to use the name your parents gave you as part of your business name, the Vistaprint survey highlighted how a witty or pithy business name is more likely to resonate with the British public.

The survey found:

  • Four in ten reckon a witty or memorable business name is more likely to make them use that company over a competitor
  • One in ten will remember a funny company name from more than a decade ago
  • Six in ten would sooner see more businesses embrace a quirky name rather than just something that described the store or its owner
  • Over a third would be more likely to recommend a business with a witty name, compared to one with a more traditional title
  • Two-thirds reckon the main reason a quirky business name is more appealing is simply because it makes them smile, while half think it makes the store easier to remember
  • A quarter are even of the opinion that they typically get better service from a shop with a great name, even though there is no actual evidence to back this up.

So it seems that a witty name will not only make your business more memorable, there may even be a perception it offers a better service than its competitors – half your job done without even lifting a finger!

Vistaprint UK head Oliver Harcourt said: “Small businesses around the UK are always finding clever and innovative ways to showcase their offerings.

“Having a creative business name is one example of how you can be more memorable to your customers and stand out from the crowd.

“Some of the shops from our poll are businesses that are generations old, showing that a catchy name can stand the test of time.”

So, what have been voted as Britain’s best business names?

What are Britain’s best business names?

  1. Spruce Springclean –¬†Carpet cleaners, Lostwithiel, Cornwall
  2. Surelock Homes – Locksmith, Portsmouth
  3. Planet of the Grapes – Wine Bar and Restaurant, London
  4. Floral and Hardy – Florists, Hertfordshire
  5. A Fish Called Rhondda – Fish and Chip Shop, Pentre, Wales
  6. Wright Hassall – Solicitors – Leamington Spa
  7. Jean Claude Van Man – Removal Company, Merseyside
  8. Sellfridges – White Goods Outlet, Stoke Newington
  9. Grate Expectations – Fireplace Specialists, Wimbledon
  10. Bonnie Tiler – Tiling and Plumbing, Gateshead
  11. Deja Brew – Coffee House, Denton
  12. The Chopfather – Barbers, Bristol
  13. Barnie’s Rubble – DIY Shop, Bolton
  14. Facial Attraction – Beauty Salon, Pontypool, Wales
  15. Samuel ‘L’ Jackson – Driving Instructor, Southport
  16. Hair Raid Shelter – Hairdressers, Downham Market, Norfork
  17. Alan Cartridge – Office Supplies, Leeds
  18. Jason Donervan – Food truck, Bristol
  19. Flying Nemo – Fish and Chips Shop, Yorkshire
  20. PG Trips – Bus Charter, Houghton le Spring

What’s the most off-the-wall business name you’re ever seen? Let us know in the comments section.

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