Why the cloud is critical for the future of remote working

Effective collaboration is the key to successful remote working – ultimately, if you can’t do your job as effectively while away from the office then remote working isn’t working.

Here’s why the cloud is key to effective collaboration – along with a reliable conference call provider.

What is the cloud?

The cloud is a virtual data storage system, which allows you to store data on hardware in a remote physical location, which can be accessed from any device via the internet.

Commonly-used examples of the cloud include Google Drive and SpiderOak. For more cloud-based storage solutions, check out our guide to essential work from home apps.

Cloud storage is a critical for effective remote working as it allows co-workers to collaborate, share and access any files and documents anywhere, anytime. According research from Gartner, a global research and advisory firm, almost two-thirds (60%) of organizations will use an external service provider’s cloud managed service offering by 2022.

How the cloud is critical for remote working

Here are three ways in which the cloud will help facilitate the future of remote working.

Effective cloud data management

Easy and secure access to data is key for successful remote working, and quality cloud storage systems offer both.

Remote working is on the rise, which means more workers will need cloud data management systems that offer mobility and portability in addition to robust security measures, as companies look to increase data accessibility within their workplace.

Continuous automated backups

There are few things worse than losing unsaved documents, and businesses don’t want to run the risk of losing valuable data for simple human error. Cloud-based storage systems continuously backup their data across multiple platforms and perform full recovery within minutes.

According to Veeam 2019 Cloud Data Management report, almost a third of businesses now continuously backup and replicate high-priority applications. This number will increase as more businesses see the importance in easily recovering their critical data.

An increase in automation

As the world continues to ask for more efficiency at work, we will see increased automation in the areas of tasks and processes across organizations, supporting the replication of human work. One important example of automation Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Infrastructure automation, like IaC, allows organizations to configure and set up a complete infrastructure using a script while removing manual components.

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Why a reliable conference call provider is key

If you have employees who work remotely, it can be difficult getting them all together in the same room for meetings – unless you collaborate via conference call.

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If you need to set up calls with international participants, we have dial-in numbers for more countries than any other conference call provider.

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