Month: <span>November 2014</span>

Player transfers are a major part of professional football – £835 million was spent by Premier League clubs in  the last transfer window – and so it’s surprising to hear that one of the world’s biggest football clubs has announced it’s unlikely to be doing any business during the next window.

Even more surprising when you hear it was announced to investors and, in turn, the world, via an international conference call.

Conference calling

Technology is progressing at a break-neck speed and making life a lot easier for all of us – arguably a little too easy if you consider how our cars will soon be parking themselves, while out smartphones become our PA’s – but what about when technology starts taking our jobs?

Although it sounds like the dystopian future of some science fiction novel, a study from Oxford University suggests a third of the British workforce could be replaced by machines withing the next 20 years.

And, unsurprisingly, it’s those at the lower end of the pay scale who will suffer with jobs that pay £30,000 or under around five times as likely to fall foul of tech than those that pay upwards of £100,000.