Month: <span>December 2015</span>

2015 has been another massive year in tech, with NFC technology taking over and changing the way we pay for goods, exchange information and even make a conference call.

Here’s a run down of what other top tech stories caught our attention during the last 12 months…


Every time you interact online you’re adding to your digital footprint – that virtual record of what you did, who you did it with, and when you did it.

Whether you’re buying something from a web store, checking your bank balance, updating a social status, or even just typing a question into a search engine or leaving a comment on a blog (all comments welcome below), your digital footprint is affected.

What this means is anyone can track your digital footprint and make fairly accurate assumptions on your lifestyle – anyone who has the knowledge and the inclination, that is.

And although most of us won’t have a back-story worth bothering with, not to mention nothing to hide, it’s still a little disconcerting to think someone could tap into your lifestyle should they wish to.

It’s all but impossible to completely cover your online tracks, but if you want to give it a go, here are some of the steps you could take to try and disappear completely…

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Exporting is great, whether to within or outside of the EU – the trouble is, exporting to outside the EU is a little trickier to exporting within the EU.

So check out our guide to exporting to outside the EU to find out some of the rules and regulations you’ll need to get to grips with.

Guides & How-Tos

Exporting is great!

That’s the message the government is sending out to try and get UK businesses of all shapes and sizes trading across the globe, and it’s a message we’ve long been behind – check out our Guides & How To section for information on trading in over 70 countries worldwide and the simplest way to set up a conference call to keep in touch with your international customers, clients and colleagues.

The trouble is, if you’re thinking of branching out and exporting your goods or services, it can be difficult to know where to begin – so check out our two-part guide on exporting from the UK.

First up, exporting to countries within the European Union (EU)…

Guides & How-Tos