7 more tools to make working from home easier

So popular was our last blog, we thought we’d do it all over again  – so here are seven more tools to make working from home easier…


Even on the road, you need to connect with your staff. Basecamp allows you to manage projects, communicate with your team and stay on top of who’s assigned to what tasks. Never be out of touch, no matter where you are.


If your company is big enough that you have a dedicated accountant, great! If not, consider Freshbooks. This intuitive online business-accounting program will help you track expenses, income and more, while having a variety of reports at your fingertips.


Creating great presentations on the go is very helpful for an entrepreneur, especially since you never know when, or where, you’ll meet your next client or partner. Prezi allows you to create great presentations that are cloud-based and that auto-sync across all devices when changes are made. Now your amazing presentation is ready anywhere, anytime.


If you’re away on business and running things from another country, who is keeping an eye on your website while you’re relaxing and enjoying the sights? If you use Pingdom you can easily keep tabs on your website, its uptime and average response time, any time.

Time Trade

Having a personal assistant to set up appointments you’ll appreciate just how much time that saves you. And Time Trade acts as an electronic PA, allowing clients or colleagues to see your availability and automatically syncing with Google Calendar to make scheduling easy when you travel and your availability is limited.


This small-business email provider is an amazing solution no matter what your business, especially if you are working from around the world. Infusionsoft allows you to automate huge portions of your business with customized funnels, email chains and more.


Freemind is an amazing mind-mapping software that is even better because it’s absolutely free. This open-source tool allows you to plan your work graphically and is especially great for visual learners.

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