Why is remote working on the rise?

Remote working is on the rise – the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that 13.7% of the UK workforce now undertake some working from home – but why is this?

Better remote working tech

The rapid rise of cloud computing and mobile devices could be one of the main reasons working from home is rapidly on the rise – we no longer rely on expensive, portable computer equipment and VPN networks to take much of our work on the road with us (though, it must be stressed, a secure VPN network is essential for any employees handling sensitive data).

In short, more of us are working remotely simply because more of us can.

Better relations between you and your employees

There’s a lot of evidence out there to suggest that employees who are offered remote working are more engaged and more productive than those who aren’t, and this is something employers are getting wise to – offer employees this benefit and it could work out better for your business in the long run, and that’s before you factor in the potential cut in overheads.

Better talent on your team

Employers can be choosy when it comes to taking on new employees, given the current state of the labour market dictates there are more applicants out there than suitable jobs. But the flipside is the very best talent can also be choosy when it comes to who they want to work for – offering remote working could just swing it in your favour against a rival company that doesn’t offer this benefit, meaning you might not only attract the top talent, but also retain it.

There are more reasons why remote working is on the rise, all beautifully presented in this infographic from Davitt, corporate psychology specialists…


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  1. Edward Green said:

    A really nice article, I disagree however that a VPN is a necessity for a secure connection. Desktop as a Service offers a secure encrypted route through a web browser mean a VPN can become a thing or the past (or optional at th least).
    Interesting statistics.

    June 3, 2017
    • Les Roberts said:

      Hi Ed,
      Thanks for getting in touch, really appreciate you leaving a comment for us – and that’s a really good point you make. Encryption can be put in place at various different stages to help maintain security across different devices, especially as we now have the potential to connect through any number of ways an providers. appreciate you getting in touch too.

      June 5, 2017

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