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The government has announced a plan to get the UK out of lockdown by late June this year. Heralded as the ‘roadmap out of lockdown’, the four-step plan is set to begin on March 8 and will see restrictions gradually relaxed until a full return to ‘normal’ on June 21.

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Becoming the victim of online fraud or a cyber attack is the last thing any business owner needs, not least in the middle of a global crisis that has taken its toll both personally and professionally.

But that’s exactly what’s happened, as a new study has found that nearly half (41%) of UK business owners say the level of cyber threats their business faces has increased since the pandemic.

The findings also give us an insight into the common types of cyber attack that you should look out for as we move through 2021.

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Coronavirus News Small business

Coronavirus News Small business

2020 has been a turbulent year for business owners, especially those who have had business insurance claims turned down because their business interruption policies didn’t cover them for the pandemic.

And it looks like 2021 will be just as turbulent, as the pandemic could lead to policy price hikes of as much as 800%.

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