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Yesterday we reported on the potential of increased phishing attacks on those affected by the EasyJet data breach, and a new study has revealed the coronavirus pandemic has caused a spike in similar attacks and highlighted serious personal password security flaws.

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With more of us working from home as a result of the coronavirus lockdown, so more of us are having to hold meetings via conference call or video conference.

But while apps like Zoom have been growing in popularity, there are concerns that they might not be fully secure and could lead to some pretty serious data breaches. But is there anything that can be done to make them safer?

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Living in lockdown isn’t easy. Whether you’re working from home, have been furloughed, looking after kids or any combination of the three, spending the vast majority of your time between the same four walls can be draining.

Coronavirus Work from home

The UK is three weeks into its social distancing lock down, which means not only are most of us having to work from home – that’s if we’ve not already been furloughed by our employer – but we’re having to keep our distance from people who aren’t members of our own household.

If you are still working, how are you meant to carry on working with such restrictions in place?

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