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Fintech usage jumps by over 50% during the lockdown period, with 21% securing new financial products without speaking to a single human being. Here’s more on how financial technology (fintech) has been given a boost by lockdown.

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Rishi Sunak, the UK chancellor, has announced a series of measures to kickstart the economy by getting people back to work and back into shops and restaurants.

Here’s what he put forward in today’s announcement.

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The coronavirus pandemic has impacted business of all sizes, in all sectors, across all nations, but while some have managed to pivot their business to make the best of a bad situation, others are facing an existential crisis that few, if any, saw coming.

And it seems one sector is thriving more than others, as digital banks have used the conditions created by coronavirus to as an opportunity to increase industry security and enhance user experience.

Is the global pandemic helping to ensure that banks are less susceptible to malware viruses and, in turn, helping to make them coronavirus proof?

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Yesterday we reported on the potential of increased phishing attacks on those affected by the EasyJet data breach, and a new study has revealed the coronavirus pandemic has caused a spike in similar attacks and highlighted serious personal password security flaws.

Coronavirus Cyber security Technology

With more of us working from home as a result of the coronavirus lockdown, so more of us are having to hold meetings via conference call or video conference.

But while apps like Zoom have been growing in popularity, there are concerns that they might not be fully secure and could lead to some pretty serious data breaches. But is there anything that can be done to make them safer?

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