How to set up a conference call to Puerto Rico

A small island sat in the north Caribbean Sea, Puerto Rico is an “unincorporated territory” of the United States, with little by way of natural resources that would be of any economic value. Its manufacturing industry is largely US-owned companies, specialising in pharmaceuticals, electronics, textiles, petrochemicals, processed foods, clothing and textiles, and its economy relies mainly on federal aid from the US government.

Puerto Rico’s trade and commerce continues to be subject to US congressional authority. Most of its imports are to the US, with small amounts going to the Netherlands, Dominican Republic and the UK – so there is a business opportunity there for UK companies.

If you think your company could do business in the Caribbean, you’ll need a cost-effective and reliable international teleconference provider to help you keep in touch with clients from your UK base – here’s how to set up a conference call between UK and Puerto Rico in just a few simple steps…

How to set up a conference call between the UK and Puerto Rico

The first thing to do is to visit to get your free, unique PIN and then click on the ‘Invite Participants’ tab to generate an email template. Type in the time, date and subject of the conference call, before picking UK and Puerto Rico dial-in codes and clicking ‘Copy this invitation’.

The next thing to do is paste it into the body of an email and then send it to as many as 100 participants, then wait for your conference call to begin.

Dial-in numbers to call

At the specified time participants need to dial the following numbers before entering the PIN:

– UK participants dial 0843 373 0843
Puerto Rico participants dial 787-919-0051

Your conference call can now begin!

Where is Puerto Rico ?

A small island in the north east Caribbean Sea, Puerto Rico’s neighbouring islands include the Dominican Republic and the British Virgin Islands. It’s closest mainland nation is Venezuela, and it’s closest US state is Florida.

What is the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advice on traveling to Puerto Rico?

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office are not currently issuing any travel advice specifically for travelers to Puerto Rico, which would suggest there are no inherent risks in traveling there. If you do take a trip to Puerto Rico, remember to be as vigilant as you would when visiting any other country, which means carrying limited cash on your person, and  being mindful of pickpockets, thieves, and bogus taxi drivers.

In short though, you should travel to Puerto Rico as you would any other country.

What’s the best time to call Puerto Rico from the UK?

San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, sits just over 4,000 miles from London, and is four hours behind GMT – so it’s best to make business calls between mid and late-afternoon in the UK.

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