How to sync your conference call and calendar

Ok, so you’ve set up your conference call, sent emails to all the participants and set up text message reminders to make sure even the most absent-minded don’t forget about it.

Then you check your calendar in Outlook and someone has gone and scheduled a meeting for the exact time you booked a conference call – it’s not their fault, they couldn’t see your plans in the company calendar.

Until now… Outlook plugin

The Outlook plugin adds the conference call email templates to your outlook toolbar, adds your PIN and will automatically update when new international dial-in numbers are added.

It’ll also sync with your Outlook calendar so there should be no danger of anyone arranging meetings at the same time as your conference call.

So how do you download it?

Download the Outlook plugin

To download the plugin simply go to and download the installer file.

When prompted, click ‘run’ or ‘save’.

If you save the installer, double-click the installer file to start the installation, then follow the steps of the installation process.

Once you are done installing the Outlook-plugin, restart Microsoft Outlook and the plugin will prompt once to enter your email address.

The plugin supports Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013 for Windows.

If you use Outlook on a remote desktop or on your organisation’s server (ie. Citrix), you need another version of the Outlook plugin. Your system administrator can install the Outlook-plugin with this installer file.


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