Travelling at Christmas? Cheap train tickets have been released

Travelling to London on business soon? Cheap Advance Single tickets have just been released on Trainline, for travel on many train operators’ routes, up to and including Christmas Eve.

Why do you need to book early to travel to London this Christmas?

Travelling to London can be expensive – that’s why we recommend holding meetings via conference call instead – but if you’ve no option but to make the journey to the capital, you’ll want to get there and back as quickly and as cheaply as possible.

The trouble with getting to London during the festive period is that there are loads more people wanting to visit the capital for the seasonal shopping and nightlife – more travellers means that tickets get snapped up sooner, and fewer tickets means higher prices.

So, it really does pay to book early, to both ensure you get a seat and you don’t pay over the odds.

To book your tickets, go to

What if you’re travelling to London after Christmas?

Some train operators haven’t released their Advance tickets for travel after Christmas or New Year yet, so it could be worth setting up a Ticket Alert and Trainline will email you when they become available. This is usually 12 weeks before the date of travel, but could be later.

To set up a Ticket Alert, go to

Trainline’s top festive travel tips

πŸŽ„  Advance train tickets tend to come with a free seat reservation (where available). When you book, you’ll be asked your seating preferences, and if there’s availability, you’ll get specific seat numbers confirmed at checkout.

πŸŽ„  If you’re planning a return trip, set two Ticket Alerts – one for your outbound and one for your inbound journey. It’s often cheaper to book two Advance Singles, instead of an Off-Peak or Anytime Return.

πŸŽ„  Bear in mind that there’ll be no trains on Christmas Day and limited services on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. Find coach tickets on our app and website for the entire festive period.

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