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How to invite UK participants

If your conference call is made up entirely of UK-based participants use the invitation below. Participants can then call 0843 373 0843 and enter your PIN at the agreed time.

Are there UK participants with a UK mobile abroad? These participants then call +44 843 373 0999 *.

* International call rates from your provider may apply.

Conference call invitation email template

With this easy template you'll create your conference call invitation within 1 minute. You can simply paste this invitation in your e-mail program and send it to your participants.

You have been invited to participate in a Conference Call on: [DATE] at: [TIME]. The subject of the Conference Call is: [SUBJECT]. Instructions: 1. Call on the given date/time above to 0843 373 0843. 2. Enter the following PIN code: [PINCODE]. 3. You'll be transferred in the Conference Call automatically. If you're abroad and want to use your mobile phone, call the worldwide dial-in number: +44 843 373 0999. Need help? Call our 24/7 Live Support on +44 207 100 1380 or visit Powered by, UK's simplest conference call service.