Month: <span>September 2014</span>

Google is releasing a smartphone that costs less than £100 – the trouble for us here in the UK is that it’s getting released in India.

Yes, just a week after Apple informed us we’ll have to pay upwards of £500 for a brand new iPhone, Google announces it will be releasing a smartphone in India for just 6,499 rupees – that’s about £65.


As expected, Apple has announced the iPhone 6 will come in two sizes – both bigger than the 5S – and they’ve also jumped aboard the wearable tech bandwagon with the much-anticipated launch of the Apple Watch.

Note, it’s not an iWatch.

Apple cheif executive, Tim Cook, has declared the iPhone 6 to be “the biggest advancement in the history of iPhone” – which you would expect, really – while Phil Schiller, senior vice president, was a bit more bullish stating the two new iPhones were “the best phones ever made.”

So what can we expect from the iPhone’s latest incarnation?


In case you haven’t heard, Apple is going to be unveiling its sixth-generation iPhone tomorrow – but what if you don’t care too much for Apple’s offerings, what’s out there to get your heart-rate app skipping a beat?


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Teenagers are an image-conscious lot – but where it was once about having jeans from a must-have designer, the latest statement t-shirts, or the newest trainers, it seems today’s teens are turning their attentions to the latest, must have tech.

And whereas teenagers would never be seen dead or otherwise in ‘fake’ remakes of designer brands, it seems some are happy to save money on clothing and instead spend it on the latest smartphones.

Nicole Myers, a 19-year-old model from New York in USA, is one such teen technophile: “It’s definitely more exciting for a lot of teenagers to have a new phone that can do lots of cool stuff than clothing. A phone keeps you much more entertained. It’s a better distraction than clothing.”

So are our teens destined to ditch the threads for tech?