How to make a conference call using our Thunderbird plugin

If you’re a Mozilla Thunderbird user, we’ve made conference calling a whole lot easier as our Thunderbird plugin means you can now use the plugin to add our  savvy email templates to your Thunderbird toolbar.

What is Mozilla Thunderbird?

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free and open-source, cross-platform email client, news client, RSS, and chat client developed by the Mozilla Foundation. The project strategy was modeled after that of the MozillaFirefox web browser. It is installed by default on Ubuntu desktop systems.

How does the Mozilla Thunderbird plugin work?

As a Mozilla user, you’ll already be used to the freedom offered by its open source, cloud-based solutions, and you can now use the cloud to co-ordinate your conference calls thanks to our free Thunderbird plugin.

Your PIN is added automatically and the templates will automatically update when we offer new international dial-in numbers!

Simply follow this link to get up and running with our plugin.


What is a Thunderbird plugin?

Mozilla Thunderbird is an Outlook-style email client, but a bit more agile – it’s multi-lingual, multi-platform,  and can be customised with a whole load of useful add-ons and themes – such as our own conference call plug in.

So what else is great about Thunderbird?

  • Built-in RSS Capabilities – not only will Thnderbird be your email client, it can also act as your RSS feed.
  • Spell check – Thunderbird will automatically spell and grammar check as you type.
  • Extensions – Just like Mozilla Firefox web browser, Thunderbird allows you to install various extensions and plugins to enhance its capabilities. So you can add things like autozip file attachments, calendar, currency conversion, to do lists, skype integration, and loads more.
  • Themes –  Customise the look of your email program with any number of themes  and tweaks to the appearance, such as colours, buttons, and fonts.
  • Adaptive Junk Mail Filters – Every time you mark a message as spam, Thunderbird learns from it to improves its spam filtering capabilities.
  • Anti-Phishing Protection  Thunderbird also protects against common email ‘phishing’ scams – those that try to fool you into handing over your login details or other personal information. You’ll receive an alert you when a suspect message hits your inbox.

You can download Thunderbird here.

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