Now you can screen share on conference calls

A conference call is a reliable and cost-effective way to conduct meetings remotely, and is the ideal way to keep employees in the loop when working from home or away from the office – the trouble is, as an audio-only service, it’s not a suitable solution for those meetings when you need to screen share, until now… and CrankWheel has teamed up with CrankWheel to offer screen sharing as part of our conference call package – our exciting new partnership means you can now schedule a conference call on your smartphone and screen share on the same device.

Not only that, you can also use the service via CrankWheel, with easy-to-use, one-click screen sharing – just hit the button when you want to schedule a conference call and invite as many participants as you require.

Teaming up the technologies in this way opens up a whole range of opportunities for you and your company, and offers a versatile solution for sales and client services.

This feature is open to all existing and CrankWheel customers.

What is CrankWheel?

If you still didn’t know them by any chance, CrankWheel is enterprise friendly screen sharing that works every time (and doesn’t even require installation).

CrankWheel users include sales departments, customer support, advertising and software manufacturers, basically any industry that requires a high volume of communication – responding to customer requests within one minute can increase conversion rates 22-fold, so it’s in everyone’s interests to respond as quickly and efficiently as possible, and screen sharing helps do this.

How to get started with and CrankWheel

To start taking advantage of these features, simply sign up to ConferenceCall service via CrankWheel – it is as simple as one-click screen sharing. It works the same when you are already signed up – you just press the button when you want to schedule a conference call meeting – with as many users as you want.

Get the Google Chrome CrankWheel extension, here.

This should really be an effective technology, and a real game changer, for any of our users who regularly work from home.

Have you used the new service? Let us know how you found it…