Month: July 2015

If you’ve ever been on a conference call where people show up late, forget to mute while they’re eating, or have completely separate conversations to the one going on on the call, you’ll know the importance of good conference call etiquette.

So here are our top 9 tips for proper conference call etiquette…

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The government is considering increasing the penalty for violations of online piracy laws to include a jail term of up to ten years – a massive five-fold increase on the current maximum term of two years.

Ministers have launched a consultation to bring sanctions in line with those imposed on anyone who infringes copyright laws on physical goods.

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Updated July 13, 2015

Have you ever wanted to take a conference call while in the shower, or conduct a teleconference while on the toilet?

It may seem like a odd question, but it’s something almost half (47%) of us admitted to doing in a recent study from InterCall.

Or maybe you just want some waterproof tech you can take to the pool or the beach on your summer holiday?

Whatever the reason, here is our updated round-up of the best waterproof tech…


The internet has made the world a smaller place – a concept that has been completely lost on phone operators across the globe who feel not all internet connections are created equally.

So if you’ve ever got back from holiday only to find you’ve been charged the earth for those texts, Tweets and Instagram updates, you’ll be happy to know data roaming charges are to be scrapped within the European Union (EU) within the next two years.


The most straightforward way to stop nuisance marketing calls is to simply opt out of receiving marketing calls when you use a product or service – so imagine if a company had a policy that suggested customers would have to accept automated cold calling, emails and even text messages?

Well PayPal has done just that!