Month: <span>August 2016</span>

The new Apple iPhone 7 is due for release next month, with some of those ‘in-the-know’ suggesting it will be released on Friday, September 16 – a week earlier than many expected.

So what features can we expect from Apple’s latest iteration of its ever-popular iPhone?

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Samsung Electronics is planning to launch a program that will see refurbished used versions of its smartphones sold on at knockdown prices.

And this sustainable smartphone plan could be up and running by the start of next year…

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Updated Tuesday, October 23, 2016

Telephone hold music is a much-maligned medium – if it’s not a terrible rendition of something classical being played on a 1980’s Bontempi keyboard, it’s some awful, generic piece of aural tat that has a very loose connection to the term ‘music’.

And even if it’s a tune your familiar with, it can come across as warbly, scratchy and not at all like you remembered it.

It’s all a matter of personal taste really.

The question is though, if you’re playing hold music over your telephone system, do you need a licence for it?

And the short answer is almost always ‘yes’.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The first contact between England and Morocco is thought to have been King John’s failed attempt to get Moroccan support against the French in the thirteenth century.

Things have gotten a bit better since then though and the two countries have enjoyed a trading relationship since the fifteenth century – in fact, the UK is one of Morocco’s oldest partners and was the nation’s main trading partner during the nineteenth century.

And this working relationship is something that is being worked on by the current UK government, not least to take advantage of the country’s unique and strategic location at the threshold of Europe and the gateway to Africa.

Although Rabat is the political capital of Africa, Casablanca is the country’s business capital – and because no one wants a three-hour flight as part of their commute, it makes sense to keep in touch with colleagues or clients via conferecne call.

So here’s how to quickly set up a teleconference between UK and Morocco, using nothing more than a mobile or landline telephone.

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Hundreds of UK businesses may have had confidential data compromised following a cyber attack at Sage, the tech giant that supplies accounting, payroll and payments software for businesses worldwide.

Is your business among the 280 thought to be affected?

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