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Denmark is a wealthy nation, with an open economy and sophisticated buyers that are well-known for paying bills and invoices on time – a major plus point for any business that relies on prompt payments.

Also known for being the gateway to Scandinavia and the Baltic nations, Denmark is the UK’s 22nd largest export market, with annual trade between the two countries estimated at some £5.7 billion.

So if you want to add Denmark to your list of export destinations, here’s all you need to know…

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The Czech Republic is one of the most stable and prosperous markets in central Europe, and with a GDP growth of 4.2% in the first half of 2015, the Czech Republic is also one of the fastest growing economies in Europe

If you’re thinking of exporting to the Czech Republic, here’s all you need to know…

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It’s been a glorious weekend across most of the UK, and temperatures in London are due to hit the 30s today – far from ideal conditions for spending your day in the office.

And if you work from home, the temptation to down tools can be even greater.

So to make sure you stay at your most productive as the temperature rises, here’s how to keep your cool whether you’re working from home or the office…

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Phishing is a type of online fraud in which cyber criminals send emails or instant messages pretending to be from a reputable company or person, in an attempt to access sensitive information, such as login credentials or account details.

Things have evolved since the days of emails promising jackpot payouts on the Nigerian lottery, and phishing emails generally come in the form of an official-looking correspondence from your bank or an organisation like PayPal.

And this increased level of sophistication brings with it an increased level of threat – even just clicking a link within an email can send a bug into your system that can access any sensitive data you have stored on your hard drive.

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