Month: March 2018

Business and politics are rife with jargon at the best of times, but Brexit has thrown up an entire lexicon of buzzwords and doublespeak – Brexit itself is a prime example, being a portmanteau combining Britain and Exit.

So, as the UK is set to leave the EU in exactly one year’s time, here is our Brexit jargon-buster.

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Situated right in the middle of mainland Europe, Slovakia has enormous growth potential and can offer a great Central and European base for any business.

There are more than 100 UK owned companies operating in Slovakia, including include BAE Systems, GlaxoSmithKline, Provident Financial, Shell, and Tate and Lyle. And Tesco not only Slovakia’s top retailer, it is one of the country’s main employers.

If you want to join this growing list, here’s everything you need to know about exporting to Slovakia.

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There are now more than 4.2 million people in the UK who work from home – that’s the highest rate since records began. And even though theses records only began in 1998, to have 13 of the UK’s overall workforce doing their jobs remotely is still impressive.

Technology has played a massive part in the work-from-home boom, and so to make things easier as we enter 2016, here are the 10 tools you shouldn’t be without…

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If you regularly make online payments, whether for goods or services, you’ll need to watch out for the latest technique fraudsters are using to get their hands on your money – push payment fraud.

Fugures from UK Finance, the banking trade body, have revealed that £236 million was lost to push payment fraud, with banks unable to return nearly three-quarters (74%) of the lost money.

In the vast majority of cases (88%) it was individual consumers who were conned out of their money, with an average loss of £2,784. The remaining cases were made up of businesses, who lost an average of £24,335 each.

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Although Russia only ever seems to be in the news for all the wrong reasons – from allegations of meddling in elections to poisoning ex-spies – but there are very strong trade links between the UK and Russia – with goods and service exports worth around £7.6 billion to the UK.

The Top UK exports include:

  • Engineering products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals
  • Consumer goods
  • Education

Even so, the UK’s share of the Russian import market is behind France, Germany and Italy, so if you want to help boost the UK’s profile over there, here’s everything you need to know about exporting to Russia.

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