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Social media offers all businesses the chance to have their voices heard online, and even reveal some personality behind what can often be a bland or faceless corporation – take a look at the Twitter feed for Iceland foods, for instance…

And it can also be a great way to communicate with customers, to answer queries and even defend against negative feedback. And, arguably best of all, it’s completely free – there are paid options you can take up to promote your postings, which can be an effective way to generate leads, but the free platforms are perfectly suitable for the day-to-day needs of your business.

But, as with any customer-facing communications, social media is not without its pitfalls – make sure you avoid these three social media mistakes…

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In the UK, we spend most of our time complaining about the weather – even when we have a period of glorious sunshine, some will complain that it’s too hot. But if you have to endure a suffocating commute, or your packed into a stuff crowded office for the best part of the day, then it’s a legitimate gripe – especially if you’re forced to wear a suit for work.

So, as an employer, is it time you implemented a summer dress code, to lighten the mood and help keep things cool as the temperature rises?

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It’s just over two years since British voters took to the polls and gave the government the green light to leave the European Union, and since then all things Brexit have dominated the news.

The trouble is, even as Article 50 deadline day approaches – the UK is scheduled to the leave the EU on March 29, 2019 – we’re still no clearer on what Brexit will mean for consumers, householders, businesses, or anyone really, as those in favour (Brexiteers) and those against (Remainers) leaving the EU continue to point fingers and point out that neither knows what they’re talking about. None of which is doing the EU negotiations, or public confidence any good.

And it now looks like the government is going back to a pre-referendum ‘promise’ to get the public back on side.

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Presentations can be tricky things to pull off, particularly conference call presentations where you can’t see your audience and adjust your delivery speed and pitch to match their reactions.

Not only that, there’s also no guarantee they’ll be looking at the slides you’ve sent across – you’d be surprised the things people get up to while on a teleconference.

So it’s important you make any presentations as engaging as possible, here’s how…

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British businesses may have been dealt another huge Brexit blow with the news that the European Commission (EC) is advising businesses within the European Union (EU) to steer clear of using UK-made parts and components, because of a government decision to leave customs union.

Is this the EU looking to punish the UK? Or another legitimate problem that Brexiteers didn’t see coming or put down to scaremongering from Remainers*?

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