How to get a free Conference Call NFC Wallet Card

At, we want to make teleconferencing as easy as it can be. As part of our commitment to being the UK’s simplest conference call service, we introduced Wallet Card – a simple way to keep all your dial-in numbers, PIN and function keys to hand at all times.

And now we’ve gone one better by throwing NFC technology into the mix – and we’re the world’s first conference call provider to offer this service.

How to get your FREE Wallet Card

If you’re already using – and if you’re not, why aren’t you?! – you’ll already have a unique PIN and you can request you’re free Wallet Card from the homepage.

If you’re new to the service, simply go to the homepage  and enter your email address to generate your free, unique PIN and then request your free Wallet Card.

The card is completely free, as is the postage and so within a couple of days you should have all the numbers you need to hand.

Get your FREE NFC Wallet Card

If you have an Android, Blackberry or Windows smartphone and your device supports NFC you will receive a card with a built-in NFC chip.


Simply tap the Wallet Card with your smartphone and it will automatically dial into your conference call! So no need to enter your PIN ever again!

How to make a free conference call

To make a free conference call with, simply dial in on 033 3006 7775. Using this free call number means we won’t charge you a penny for using our service, and if your mobile or landline package come with inclusive minutes, there should be no charge from your provider either.

And, unlike some other providers who cap the length of your free call, with, you can use our free call number to talk for as long as you like.


  1. […] Go to the home page and enter your email address and you’ll be given a free personal identification number (PIN) and the option to invite UK or international participants and request a free wallet card. […]

    March 2, 2016

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