Work from home – do you need a nanny?

The distractions come thick and fast when you’re working from home – daytime TV, housework, knocks at the door, and cold callers on the phone all do their best to break your concentration.

And then the cat seems to need feeding every five minutes – while there’s no doubting having a pet around the place can help alleviate the loneliness that can come with working from home, they’re not always great for productivity…

…but they’re nothing compared to having a baby around the house while you’re trying to work – so, if you’re a work from home parent, is it time you considered taking on a nanny?

How having a nanny could help you work from home

Cut down distractions

Being able to spend more time with baby is one of the biggest perks a work-from-home parent can possibly have, but it also means no end of interruptions to your working day – and that can be really bad news for productivity.

Employing a nanny to take on even just a few hours during the day means you can devote an interruption-free block of time to the day job, so you can write those reports and take those conference calls without having to worry about feeding time or nappy changes.

Cut out the commute

Working from home doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have your kids in the house with you all day, but putting them in nursery could mean adding an unnecessary commute onto your day – and cutting out the daily  commute is one of the best work from home perks.

Having an in-house nanny means you won’t have to leave the house and compete for parking spaces at the nursery with all the those parents who aren’t lucky enough to work from home.

Create work/home boundaries

Blurring the lines between your work life and home life is one of the biggest potential drains on both parenting and productivity – if you don’t give both your full attention, you’re selling yourself, your employer, and your child short.

Having a nanny in for a few hours a day means you can create those boundaries and work when you have to, and be a parent when you don’t, and vice versa.

Do you need a nanny?

Obviously, it all comes down to personal and financial circumstances, but being a parent and having a career are two full time undertakings, so it could definitely be worth considering, if only so you can give both your full attention.

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