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If you’re a telecommuter or freelancer, you’ll appreciate the freedom that not being tied down to one particular office affords you – the trouble is, if you don’t have the right kit, you won’t be able to do your job effectively.

There are certain items every telecommuter and freelancer should have as standard – here’s our assessment of what you’ll need.


It seems the working day is starting earlier and earlier – if you check your emails as soon as you wake up, the working day kicks off before you’ve even stepped out of bed. But, if you regularly check your work emails before you clock on, whether at home or on the way to work, should this count towards your working day?

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After weeks of unbroken sunshine, the rain came back with a bang today – not the sort of thing anyone wants to wake up to on a Monday morning, particularly after a weekend of warm sunshine – so if  you have to travel to work, and can’t avoid the morning commute, there are a few things you need to do to stay safe on the roads in wet weather and worse.

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Are you fed-up of your winter morning commute? Tired of having to get up ten minutes early to de-ice the car? And sick of sitting in stationary stationary traffic or on crammed public transport with all manner of airborne viruses ready knock the stuffing out of you?

If so, it’s high time you looked at ways to avoid the morning commute.

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