Month: <span>September 2016</span>

Do you sometimes wake in the middle of the night and immediately reach for your smartphone? Or put down your knife and fork during meal times to check social media? Have you ever had arguments with those closest to you about how much time you spend on your device?

If so, you’ve probably got a smartphone addiction. And you’re far from alone.


Every one of us has a winning business idea in us, but it takes a big leap of faith to make that move to turn that winning idea into a viable startup business.

And while there’s loads of advice out there on why and how you should go all in for your own startup, there’s not much out there that offers up reasons why you shouldn’t.

But we’ve found some…

Infographics Work from home

Commuting is a complete waste of time. Remote working is the way to go.

In a world where most office workers can do the day-to-day from the comfort of their own home, it makes no sense for them to waste hours of their valuable time travelling to work – at least not every day anyway.

So if your business isn’t offering employees the chance to work remotely, here are four irrefutable reasons why that has to change…

Flexible working Work from home

The UK is home to 4.2 million home workers, and freelancers are now the fastest growing group in the UK labour market.

It seems a combination of the economic downturn and a change in work patterns is pushing more and more of us to take matters into our own hands.

If you’re thinking of going it alone, make sure you never miss a meeting by staying in touch via conference call –  and check out these five highest paying freelance jobs in the UK.

Work from home

Apple last night blew the lid on the iPhone 7 and revealed what the exact spec, price and release dates of its new smartphone would be – so here’s a full run down of what it will feature…

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