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You’re going to be hearing a lot about GDPR over the coming weeks, as the European Union’s new data protection legislation takes effect in just over a month’s time, on May 25.

And it looks like it;s going to be a timely piece of legislation, giving the ongoing controversy surrounding Facebook’s use of data, which has seen the social networks CEO answering some tricky questions in front of the US congress.

There’s one tech giant that seems unfazed by the new rules though…

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If you’re a business owner and you’ve not heard about GDPR, you seriously need to put that right – check out this quick guide to GDPR for small businesses for everything you need to know…

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If you’re a BT customer, there’s a good chance you’re not too happy with the the service you’re paying for – the telecoms giant has more complaints from it’s mobile and broadband customers than any other, according to figures from Ofcom, the telecoms regulator.

So, who are the UK’s best and worst broadband and mobile providers?

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Here’s a stat for you – Spain’s investment in the UK is more than th e whole of the Latin America’s combined, making Spain one of the largest investors in the UK.

And despite its recent economic troubles, Spain is the fifth largest economy in the European Union (EU) and the fastest growing in the eurozone.

When it comes to exports, Spain is the UK’s 8th largest market and in 2011 exported UK goods and services were worth £15.28 billion.

There are 900 UK companies currently operating in Spain, with businesses like Tunstall and Primark increasing their investment, while Dealz-Poundland, Stella McCartney and Jo Malone are among new UK investors in Spain.

If you want to join the legion of ex-pats and invest in a Spanish business opportunity – or even if you have business interests out there already –  you’ll need an easy and cost-effective way to keep in touch – which is where a conference call comes in.

And here’s how you can arrange one for up to 100 participants using nothing more than a mobile or landline telephone…

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If you’ve ever started up a new business you’ll know how difficult a balancing act it is to stick to a budget while making sure you have all the tools disposal to make sure you can do your job the best you can – the dizzying amount of business tech available means you could quite easily blow all your money on any number of hands-free add-ons and pentium-powered peripheries.

So, if you’re just starting out, or you’re looking to upgrade your systems, here are our seven top business tech tips…

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