24/7 conference call customer support

The world of business is changing – rapid advances in technology mean the global community is ever-expanding and the days of working the nine-to-five are a fading memory.

So why is it some conference call providers only offer customer support during traditional business hours?

Round-the-clock support

So let’s say you’re on a conference call to Australia at 1am UK time – that’s 10am in Sydney – and something goes wrong, it seems unreasonable to make you wait eight hours for the customer support line to open at 9am.

That’s no good to anyone.

Or what if, you’ve a mid-afternoon conference call with a colleague in Canada, a country that is at least five hours behind the UK, and so you call at 8pm UK time – it’s not in anyone’s interests to close have the customer support line closed.

And that’s why ConferenceCall.co.uk is now offering customer support 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a week without any extra costs!

The numbers you need to know

It’s unlikely you’ll hit a snag while using our service, but if you do, just call either one of these numbers…

Freephone landline number                                   – 0800 151 0065
Mobile number (inclusive local call minutes)  – 0207 100 1380

…and get through to one of our helpful customer support team, whatever the time of day or night.

And don’t forget to put your name down for one of our free NFC Wallet Cards, for all the conference call numbers you’ll ever need.

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