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Whether it’s phishing, Trojan Horses or a DDoS attack, cyber crime is getting more and more complex and efficient

All of which is obviously concerning, but have you ever wondered how hackers actually make their money?


The frequency and severity of cyber attacks rose again in 2019 as hackers successfully attacked major cities, governments, businesses, hospitals, and schools across the globe – in October alone 421,103,896, data records were confirmed to have been breached, with 111 incidents in which sensitive and financial information was compromised.

It’s been a few years since the Wannacry cyber hack hit thousands of organisations worldwide, including the NHS, and brought the reliance on the internet and technology into sharp focus.  While the events were more about hackers holding large organisations to ransom, many individuals could be concerned about whether their personal data might be at risk as a result of the hack. And the hackers are showing no signs of slowing down.

But how well do you know the web?

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GDPR – the new EU legislation on data protection – has been a bit of a nightmare for many businesses across the UK and beyond. There will have been great costs incurred by those businesses who have had to contact everyone on their database to try and convince them they can continue to use their data. And there may be an even higher price to pay for those businesses that have had to thoroughly wash their archived data, losing a significant amount of leads in the process.

But there’s also a concern that the new rules make catching hackers even more challenging.

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Becoming the victim of online fraud or a cyber attack is the last thing any business owner needs, not least in the middle of a global crisis that has taken its toll both personally and professionally.

But that’s exactly what’s happened, as a new study has found that nearly half (41%) of UK business owners say the level of cyber threats their business faces has increased since the pandemic.

The findings also give us an insight into the common types of cyber attack that you should look out for as we move through 2021.

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