Why is Monday the worst day of the week?

It’s Monday. Again. Already.

It’s seems no sooner have you downed tools on Friday afternoon, the next thing you know you’re wandering to the bathroom, shaking your groggy head and muttering some unspeakable things about the day ahead.

It’s Monday. Again. Already.

But have you ever stopped to wonder: “Why is Monday the worst day of the week?”

You’re not ready to get out of bed

Some of us don’t get enough sleep during the week and so try to play catch-up by lying in at the weekend. Others just don’t get enough sleep at the weekend. Whatever the reason, come Monday morning few of us are ready to get up.

Sleeping in at the weekend for just a couple more hours each day can throw your body clock out by up to 45 minutes, which makes getting up on Monday morning even more difficult than it is already.

You’re not ready to let go of Sunday

There have been studies done to determine which day of the week is the most stressful, and it turns out Mondays are no more stressful than any other day of the working week except for Friday, which only comes out on top as people are anticipating the weekend.

In short, every day at work is pretty rubbish.

If you ask people which day they perceive to be the worst of the week though and they’ll almost always say Monday. This is because there is a massive gulf and emotional shift between Sunday, traditionally a day of rest, and Monday, the first day back at work.

You’re not keen on your job

A worldwide Gallup Poll carried out in 2013 took the views of 73,752 respondents aged 18 and above in 141 countries and 151,335 respondents from USA and found that almost two-thirds (63%) of employees lack motivation at work.

Not only that, almost a quarter (24%) are actively disengaged, meaning they’re unhappy, unproductive and could be bad for workplace morale.

And then there’s the ‘Monday blues’ to consider – that feeling of depression and anxiety that creeps in to ruin Sunday night and lead to an unproductive Monday.

You’re out of your routine

We’re all creatures of habit and we tick over pretty regularly during the week – then the weekend comes along and turns it all on its head. And so you may have eaten more, drunk more, and partied more, all of which will take its toll on your body.

And so Monday comes along and you’re not only out of your routine but feeling relatively dreadful for it too. But by Friday you’re happily back in your weekly routine, just in time to blow it all again over the weekend.

You’re chances of getting ill on a Monday is also higher than any other day of the week, you’re blood pressure is higher and Monday is the most common day for people to suffer heart attacks and strokes – better off just hitting the snooze button indefinitely and staying in bed.

How do you beat those Monday blues? Is working from home enough to alleviate the Monday anxiety? Let us know…

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