Month: August 2018

The school summer holidays are almost over, which means mornings can get back to some sort of slightly hectic normality – but there could be a new lesson on the kids’ curriculum this new term, as cyber security is to be taught in schools.

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It’s not unusual to hate your job, your boss, your colleagues, your commute – even if it’s just the odd moment of despair, we all go through times where we feel like flipping our desk and walking out. The important thing to remember is that you work to live, it’s a means to an end, it’s not the be all and end all – once that dynamic is flipped on its head, and you live to work, it’s time to re-evaluate things, else your work-life could be the death of you.

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If you’ve got a split mobile phone contract – whereby you pay separately for the cost of your smartphone and the cost of your monthly mobile data, call, and text allowances – you could be overpaying to the tune of £69 a year.

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We’ve all be guilty of mutli-tasking while teleconferencing – whether it’s conference calling while on the commute, continuing to type up some notes, checking in on Facebook, or even taking a shower (no, really). It’s fair to assume that  no-one sits on a conference call without doing anything else.

But one woman in the US as just raised the bar when it comes to teleconference multitasking.

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If you were in business around the turn of the millennium, you’ll no doubt have been spooked by talk of the Millennium Bug – you may even have taken steps to prevent the glitch from crippling your company’s IT systems.

Now someone is suggesting it was never really a problem – unsurprisingly, they’re using this theory to support their own about Brexit, and the doom-merchants are wrong on the impact of leaving the EU, just as the experts were wrong about the impact of the Millennium Bug.

So, did we really all overestimate the Millennium Bug?

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