Month: February 2018

Drones will be weaponised, industrial-scale hacking will be commonplace, and videos will be manipulated to swing public opinion – a vision of a future in which artificial intelligence (AI) has fallen into the hands of rogue states, criminals and terrorists, according to the findings of a new report.

We’ve been trying to tell everyone this for ages – it’s been three years since we warned the world that Google is going to kill us all!

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Europe’s most westerly country, Portugal is has ties to its former, Portuguese-speaking colonies such as Angola, Brazil and Mozambique, opening up a market in excess of 250 million people. It also has strong links with the UK, not only as a popular tourist destination, but as home to around 80,000 ex-pats.

The UK is currently the fourth largest investor in Portugal, and its sixth largest supplier, with services worth €1.3 billion, and goods exports totaling €1.8 billion, most of which were accounted for by:

  • Automotive
  • Life sciences
  • Information economy

Services exports were in travel, transport and other business services.

Here’s everything you need to know about exporting to Portugal.

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Do you dismiss Valentine’s Day as a cynical way for florists and card companies to cash-in on people’s romantic/insecure/desperate side? Are you loathe to buy the love of your life even a single rose on February 14? If so, you won’t be happy to hear the tech industry is getting in on the act…

It seems the days of turning up with a hastily scrawled card and some garage forecourt flowers are well and truly gone and people have seriously raised their expectations as tech  now dominates the top five most wanted Valentine’s Day gifts.

And if you think the tech companies won’t exploit this in future, you really must be as green as you are apple looking.

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In years gone by we’ve heralded the arrival of 3-D printers, robot dogs, and apps including Vine and Instagram, not to mention the boom in wearable tech (which, in our…

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Just when you thought the worst of the winter weather was over, a cold snap comes along and throws everything into chaos – wrapping up for the sub-zero temperatures and de-icing your car can add vital minutes onto your morning commute that can see you hit the worst of the traffic.

And then there’s the effect the cold can have on your smartphone, which can experience performance problems, and break more easily, when the temperature drops.

So, help make your life a little easier, here’s how to make sure your smartphone survives the winter.

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