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The last few years have seen the trend for remote working really take off – ONS figures show that from September 2022 to January 2023, almost half (44%) of employees worked from home or did hybrid work.

But if you do spend some of your working week at home, are there any implications as far as insurance claims are concerned? And are we now all more at risk from insurers not paying out on home insurance claims?

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As a business owner, there’s no telling when an urgent matter will suddenly rear its head. Whether it’s a website going down or a delay to an important delivery, you’ll need staff to rally around to put things right.

But what if some key stakeholders are away from the office, maybe working from home? There’s no time to call everyone into the workplace. That’s where a conference call can help out.

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If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably been worried about soaring energy bills. The government’s new Energy Bills Discount Scheme took effect on April 1 but, just like the scheme it replaced, it’s not a price cap – so how does it work?

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Women entrepreneurs are thriving. The UK has witnessed a rapid rise in the number of start-ups in recent years, and the number of new female entrepreneurs in the UK has risen far faster than men in the past decade.  It also seems investment funding is more forthcoming than ever before.

News is the UK’s simplest teleconference provider – offering instant, 24/7 conference calling for up to 100 participants. We also offer free call reminders as well as free recording and playback of calls.

All with no need to set up an account, book calls, or take out a contract with us. All you need to get started is a phone and an email address.

Here are all the conference call numbers you need whether you’re dialling in the UK or around the world.

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More than half of UK workers say they wouldn’t work if it wasn’t for the money. Although that sounds obvious – most of us work because we need the money – the figure of 60% who would opt out of having a job is higher than any comparable workforce in the world.

The findings from a study by Randstad, a provider of workforce insights, back up another study that revealed almost half (46%) of all employees feel more stressed at work than they did a year ago.

So if you’ve been feeling more stressed out with work than usual lately, you’re not alone.

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Back in 2016, there were more than three million workers whose commute took longer than two hours a day. The pandemic and a switch to hybrid working have changed the routine for many of us, and the latest figures from studies by the Trade Union Congress (TUC) show that average commuting times are on the up.

We all know that getting to and from work can be an inconvenience, but did you know it can actually be bad for your health?

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