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Croatia’s traditional trading partners are Italy, Germany and Austria, but there are plenty of opportunities for UK businesses – big companies like British Airways, GlaxoSmithKline,  WYG and Vodafone all operate in Croatia – so if you’re looking export to Croatia, or even set up there, it makes sense to keep in touch via an international conference call rather than try to fly out there.

Here’s how to in just a few simple steps…

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It’s just over two years since British voters took to the polls and gave the government the green light to leave the European Union, and since then all things Brexit have dominated the news.

The trouble is, even as Article 50 deadline day approaches – the UK is scheduled to the leave the EU on March 29, 2019 – we’re still no clearer on what Brexit will mean for consumers, householders, businesses, or anyone really, as those in favour (Brexiteers) and those against (Remainers) leaving the EU continue to point fingers and point out that neither knows what they’re talking about. None of which is doing the EU negotiations, or public confidence any good.

And it now looks like the government is going back to a pre-referendum ‘promise’ to get the public back on side.

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Argentina is the world’s 25th largest economy and  South America’s second largest economy, and there are over 100 UK companies operating out of Argentina, including over 30 FTSE 100 companies, including BT, HSBC and Unilever.

The UK is the fourth largest exporter of goods and services to Argentina, but while the goods export market is worth £289 million, this figure is dropping as the Argentine economy slows down.

If you want to do business with Argentina you’ll need an easy to use and reliable international conference call provider – so here’s how to set up a conference call in a few simple steps…

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Brazil is a massive country, taking up the whole north eastern part of South America, and is easily the largest economy in Latin Amercia – Sao Paulo alone has a bigger economy than Argentina! And with a GDP of $2.3 trillion, it’s the world’s seventh largest economy.

Brazil and the UK have long historic trade and investment ties, and although overall imports into Brazil have fallen over by around 14% over the last couple of years, imports from the UK only dropped by around 5%, so it still offers a great business opportunity for UK businesses and services.


Even so, Brazil’s internal rail, road and flight networks aren’t the best in the world, which means it might be worth your while doing business via teleconference, even if you’ve made the 11-hour flight over there.

Here’s how to set up a conference call call in just a few easy steps, using either a landline or mobile phone…

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Presentations can be tricky things to pull off, particularly conference call presentations where you can’t see your audience and adjust your delivery speed and pitch to match their reactions.

Not only that, there’s also no guarantee they’ll be looking at the slides you’ve sent across – you’d be surprised the things people get up to while on a teleconference.

So it’s important you make any presentations as engaging as possible, here’s how…

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