Month: February 2016

It’s Monday. Again. Already.

It’s seems no sooner have you downed tools on Friday afternoon, the next thing you know you’re wandering to the bathroom, shaking your groggy head and muttering some unspeakable things about the day ahead.

It’s Monday. Again. Already.

But have you ever stopped to wonder: “Why is Monday the worst day of the week?”

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If you work from home you most likely have the relative luxury to go about your business wearing whatever you feel comfortable in – no need for a suit and tie if you’re not in the mood, no need to even get dressed if you don’t feel like it.

As appealing as answering business calls in the buff may sound though, it’s not ideal for productivity – clothes that negatively effect your social standing or self esteem will have the same effect on your productivity.

While you may feel comfy slouching around in your pyjamas, you’ll not be taking care of business to the best of your ability.

So what should your work from home wardrobe look like?

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Accounting is one of the most arduous tasks a small business owner has to face – all you want to do is get on with the day-to-day running of things but each month you end up getting yourself lost in a mountain of receipts, bank statements, pay slips and credit notes.

The good news is, there is accounting software out there that can help, you just need to know exactly what it is you’re after to find the right software to suit your business needs.


Amazon has just launched Echo – a cloud-connected personal assistant that can help with everything from homework to housekeeping, answering an infinite number of questions and adding items to your shopping list through simple voice commands.

So while Google has been concentrating on nightmarish robot dog lords of the future, and Apple has been pushing it watch on an underwhelmed world, has Amazon crept in the back door and won the battle of the personal assistants?


Updated Tuesday, February 16, 2016

So you’ve set up your conference call, set the agenda and invited all the relevant people who have subsequently entered the details into the diaries so there’s no chance of anyone getting caught cold by the call.

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