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The Apple iPhone battery isn’t renowned for its long life or ability to hold a charge – after a couple of months your mobile spends that much time plugged into the wall, it may as well be a landline – but a batch of 6s models have a fault that makes them shut down, even if the battery has plenty of charge.

As far as faults go, it’s hardly up there with Samsung’s exploding Note 7 battery, but if you’re affected, it’s certainly going to cause a headache – if not a fire – and Apple is offering to replace any offending batteries.

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Updated Friday, November 18, 2016

Working from home isn’t quite as easy as you might imagine – there are distractions literally everywhere.

When you work from home, the washing-up becomes an exciting alternative to that project you’re desperately trying to ignore, a morning of ironing becomes the perfect antidote to a morning of checking emails, and even daytime television seems to have a certain appeal.

And to make things even worse, you don’t have the watchful eyes of co-workers to keep you in check and off all those sites and social media accounts that help keep you from your work.

So if you’re looking to work from home, here’s how to ditch the distractions and work more effectively…

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If you’re looking to make some extra cash leading up to Christmas, or need to concentrate on your work/life balance, then a work from home job could fit the bill – so here are five vacancies available right now…

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Flexible working is more common in the workplace than ever before – it’s even enshrined in legislation, following the introduction of new flexible working laws in 2014 – but reports that the traditional nine-to-five is dead appear to be well wide of the mark.

According to a survey from Britain’s Healthiest Workplace, almost three quarters (73%) of UK companies still don’t offer this option to all their staff – if your workplace is one of them, here’s why you need to get on board to avoid getting left behind.

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