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The Apple iPhone battery isn’t renowned for its long life or ability to hold a charge – after a couple of months your mobile spends that much time plugged into the wall, it may as well be a landline – but a batch of 6s models have a fault that makes them shut down, even if the battery has plenty of charge.

As far as faults go, it’s hardly up there with Samsung’s exploding Note 7 battery, but if you’re affected, it’s certainly going to cause a headache – if not a fire – and Apple is offering to replace any offending batteries.

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If you’re looking to make some extra cash leading up to Christmas, or need to concentrate on your work/life balance, then a work from home job could fit the bill – so here are five vacancies available right now…

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Flexible working is more common in the workplace than ever before – it’s even enshrined in legislation, following the introduction of new flexible working laws in 2014 – but reports that the traditional nine-to-five is dead appear to be well wide of the mark.

According to a survey from Britain’s Healthiest Workplace, almost three quarters (73%) of UK companies still don’t offer this option to all their staff – if your workplace is one of them, here’s why you need to get on board to avoid getting left behind.

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It’s Monday morning and, if you’re anything like me, you’ll have struggled to even get out of bed this morning, never mind get showered, dressed, fed, and into work – it almost makes you wonder whether Monday  mornings are actually worth going into work for.

Of course, there will be those of you out there who spring out of bed on a Monday morning, relishing what the working week has in store, and while job satisfaction has a lot to do with it, your natural body clock and work cycle can’t be underestimated.

So if you’re looking for a good reason to request flexible working so you can stay at home on a Monday morning, read on…

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