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I recently smashed my iPhone screen. I have a decent case that protects it, but when I dropped it, it landed at possibly the only angle that could have smashed the screen – flat on its front. Although I can still use the phone, the screen now has several cracks across the front, and it’s performance (and battery life, it seems) is no longer what it was.

When I finally get around to getting the screen replaced, I will definitely be fitting a screen protector, and I just saw there is a screen protector that claims to improve the phone’s signal strength (!), extend the battery life (!!), and even shield your brain from cellphone radiation (!!!).

Sound too good to be true? Let’s take a closer look…

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The Apple iPhone battery isn’t renowned for its long life or ability to hold a charge – after a couple of months your mobile spends that much time plugged into the wall, it may as well be a landline – but a batch of 6s models have a fault that makes them shut down, even if the battery has plenty of charge.

As far as faults go, it’s hardly up there with Samsung’s exploding Note 7 battery, but if you’re affected, it’s certainly going to cause a headache – if not a fire – and Apple is offering to replace any offending batteries.

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Apple last night blew the lid on the iPhone 7 and revealed what the exact spec, price and release dates of its new smartphone would be – so here’s a full run down of what it will feature…

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The new Apple iPhone 7 is due for release next month, with some of those ‘in-the-know’ suggesting it will be released on Friday, September 16 – a week earlier than many expected.

So what features can we expect from Apple’s latest iteration of its ever-popular iPhone?

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