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Do you dismiss Valentine’s Day as a cynical way for florists and card companies to cash-in on people’s romantic/insecure/desperate side? Are you loathe to buy the love of your life even a single rose on February 14? If so, you won’t be happy to hear the tech industry is getting in on the act…

It seems the days of turning up with a hastily scrawled card and some garage forecourt flowers are well and truly gone and people have seriously raised their expectations as tech  now dominates the top five most wanted Valentine’s Day gifts.

And if you think the tech companies won’t exploit this in future, you really must be as green as you are apple looking.

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In years gone by we’ve heralded the arrival of 3-D printers, robot dogs, and apps including Vine and Instagram, not to mention the boom in wearable tech (which, in our…

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Are you continually scanning your devices for messages, emails or social media updates?

Does a dead battery send you into a blind panic, especially if your charger is nowhere to be found?

Does the amount of time your laptop takes to boot up send you into an apoplectic rage? A rage that’s intensified when the application you’ve been impatiently clicking on suddenly opens dozens of windows?

Then you could be suffering from tech stress.

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In just over a week Christmas will have been and gone for another year – and if you’re stuck for reasonably-price gift ideas for the gadget geek in your life, here are five of the best festive tech gifts for under £50…

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EU funding for tech projects appears to have been put on hold following the economic uncertainty caused by the Brexit vote and the subsequent change of government in the UK.

The Treasury insists no funding has been stopped though – so what’s going on?

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